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Our philosophy. 3 main principles, 3 key concepts

Pirenaica, from the beginning, works on the quality of its products, the imagination and innovation in its events and the care of its participants. We work on events with a strong personality and a different way of understanding, with our own philosophy.

That’s why, PIRENAICA goes further away than being just a event, it becomes in a way of understanding the cycling.

There are as many “pirenaica” as participants, as each one of them lives a different, personal, unique, and unforgettable experience.


Pyrenees, Dolomites, Irati, Majorca, Alps, Navarra... Incredible places, spectacular spots, mythical mountains where the history of cycling has been written. But also hidden spots we discover cycling and for the cycling.

This way cycling turns into the motor for respect, knowledge and admiration of the environment, always looking for zero impact on it.


"Doing sports with others, not against others. Overcoming challenges".

"Tasting kilometres, not devouring them".

"Because the aim is not the finish line, it’s the road that brings us there."

A great sport challenge every participant faces as a personal challenge (discipline, effort, sacrifice, commitment, self-improvement)


The participants and the relationships with the other participants. The friendship, the collaboration, the help, the comradeship, the respect, the laughs, the shared experiences.

The feelings, the emotion, the dreams, the passion!

Arriving from Spain and all around the world (USA, Australia, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Holland, England, South Africa, France, Poland…), our pack is multicolour and absolutely heterogenic.



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