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NI1+. Safety and respect towards cyclists

NI1+. Safety and respect towards cyclists

The traffic accidents happened recently involving cyclists have had terrible consequences. There’s no difference between pro and amateur riders. No difference between popular or anonymous riders. We’re all the same in this situation.
As a consequence of these tragedies, we need to act. From our side (PIRENAICA, IRATI XTREM, LARRA LARRAU) we want to make our contribution to this fight.
Some years ago we decided to retire the 1 number of Irati Xtrem. We wanted it to be a memory of those who are not any more with us. The Ni1+ campaign was born. A call for safety and respect towards cyclists, and a memory to the victims.
This year, we’ve decided to give a U turn and in our events (Irati Xtrem and Larra Larrau) everyone will have the number 1.
Using the 1 of our “NI1+” logo we’ve created a number so EVERY participant has the 1 number.
Everyone with the same number, with the same claim, with the same rage shout!
Cyclists have the same rights as road users and we ask the rest to respect us and we urge our politicians to guarantee our safety in them.

It’s enough!
+ safety
+ respect

We invite everyone to join us (riders, companies, media, public figures, associations, clubs…) and share this picture and invite others to join us on this campaign. We also would like to invite other event organisers to use the 1 number of NI1+


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