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Is it Suiza Cycling Xperience a race?
NO. Suiza Cycling Xperience is a cycling touristic tour in stages. There are neither timings, nor classifications, nor prizes. We all set off together and we all arrive together. We tackle each climb at our own pace and gather at the summit for a chat or a bite to eat, or we cycle down to any stragglers and cycle back up with them. The organisers’ main aim is to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and friendship...

What level do I need to do Suiza Cycling Xperience?
If you usually go cycling, if you take part in one day routes, if you go out on the weekend with your friends, you won’t have any problem to do Suiza Cycling Xperience. It’s true Suiza Cycling Xperience is a tough sport challenge, so if you are in top form you will enjoy it much more.

I don’t know how I’ll manage 6 consecutive stages...

Suiza Cycling Xperience has 6 serious stages, so it’s necessary to follow every instruction given by the organization: rhythm control, pauses, rests, feeding, drinking. Anyway, our routes always have alternative and optional cols that allow you to personalize your stage and save your energies. And obviously, organization’s vehicles are always available to help you in case of necessity. If someone needs to take a rest and make some kilometres in the car, there’s no problem at all.

I don’t like to keep people waiting...
As said before, there are neither winners nor losers. You do it at your own pace. Obviously, some will reach the summit before the others, but you don’t need to worry about this, there’ll always be someone from the crew cycling at the back of the group.

What happens if I’m tired?
Take a rest. The aim is to enjoy. If you’re really tired, the best will be to take a break and let the body recover from the effort as soon as possible to be able to afford the next col or stage. Our vehicles will be at your disposal. Don’t worry about that.

Can I get lost?
We hope you don’t!!
There will always be someone from the crew at the front and the back of the group, and every crossroad will be surveilled by the organization’s crew.

Do I have to bring any food?
We bring a lot of food. In every stop a provisioning is prepared. There you’ll find: water, isotonic drink, coffee, tea, fresh fruit, nuts, sweets, sandwiches, energy bars…If you think this is not enough, you can bring anything you want with you, but we really believe it’s unnecessary.

Do I have to bring spares?
Everyone is in charge of his bicycle. You must bring the spares you usually bring with you when you go training. Anyway, we bring lots of spares: tubes, tires, brake pads, towropes… at a very cheap price. There’s one spare we recommend you to bring: The rear derailleur’s hanger. It’s very difficult to find this pieces, because there a lot of different ones. However, if you bring a spare one with you, it’s a 5 minute repair.

What happens if my bicycle brakes down?
Our crew will be always available to help you solve the problem, but if it’s too complicated, we know some bicycle garages on the route. And if it can’t be repaired, we have spare bikes to lend. No one will be sent back home because of a bycicle breakdown.

Do I need to be affiliated?
No. We highly recommend it but it’. If you have a private accident and public liability insurance it’senough. Besides, we give you the chance to get our insurance in the “extra services”.

What does the price include?
Everything you will need from the starting to the finishing point: accommodation, transfers, breakfasts, dinners, provisioning…

How can I pay?
We’ll offer you the chance to make a bank transfer (you’ll receive an email with our account number) or credit card (Visa and Mastercard). In this case, the price will be increased a 0,4% because of the bank commissions.

What does not the price include?
Every extra service that wasn’t contracted by the organization, such as: beers, alcohol, tobacco, hotel’s telephone…
Every extra service offered by the organization must also be paid: massages, spares…

What kind of accommodation do we have?
3 and 4 star Hotels
We usually book double bedrooms, but it depends in every hotel’s availability. You can also ask for single bedrooms in the “extra services”, but these bedrooms are conditioned to the hotels availability.

What are the “extra services”?
These are some services not included in the price but that might be interesting for you: massages, assurances, transfer to meeting point, bicycle rent …

Can companions go to Suiza Cycling Xperience?
Yes. We have a limited amount of places for companions.

Do they have a special planning?
No. will go in the van following the riders. Tthey will live the same stages and philosophy as the riders. Our crew will take them to the most attractive places in the route.

How do I arrive at the meeting point?
It’s up to everyone to manage his transfer to the meeting point. Suiza Cycling Xperience will begin at the time indicated in the indicated place. In some cases, depending on the amount of requests, we can organize some transfer to the meeting point. It will be an “extra service”.

Healthcare is not free of charge in Switzerland. if you have the European Health Insurance Card, you'll have to pay and later ask for a refund.
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What is the European Health Insurance Card?
The European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC) is issued free of charge and allows anyone who is insured by or covered by a statutory social security scheme of the EEA countries and Switzerland to receive medical treatment in another member state for free or at a reduced cost, if that treatment becomes necessary during their visit (for example, due to illness or an accident).

How is a day in 
Suiza Cycling Xperience?
The stage beginning is at 8.30h. Before that, you must have had the breakfast, packed your luggage and leave it in the van. We know when the stage begins but no when it finishes, all we know is it will hold a steady pace. We never set an arriving houenjoy the day.

Is it obligatory to follow the route indicated by the organization?
Yes. Maybe you feel strange at the beginning, when the group stops in every col or waits for the rest of the group to rejoin. But as days go by, you’ll find every stop is necessary and welcome to recover from the effort made. Anyway, if you don’t like waiting in the summit, you can always go back and climb with the slowest riders.

What happens if there’s bad weather?
It’s one of the risks we have practicing an outdoor sport, increased by the fact of being in the mountains. But we are used to ride in wet and windy days, it’s part of the cycling. But there are two things we will never put in risk: Safety and Health. If any of both is in risk, the organization is free to take any action in order to avoid any problem, included the stage cancelation.

I’m diabetic/celiac/allergic… can I take part in
Suiza Cycling Xperience?
Of course, but tell us before the start so we can adapt your meals.

Which kind of clothes and how many should I bring?
Bring some maillot and shorts, winter clothes (jerseys, technical, raincoat, gloves…)… and some comfortable clothes to wear after the stage. Usually too many clothes are brought to Suiza Cycling Xperience, and we tell you to bring just one case. Also, it’s important to bring a little handbag to have some extra clothes in it ( arm warmers, raincoat…).

¿Can I pay in Euros in Switzerland?
The Swiss Franc (CHF) is the currency in Switzerland, but Euros are accepted almost everywhere. Credit card payment is totally extended..

¿Will my mobile and internet work in Switzerland?
Switzerland has a great mobile network, but the roaming access is really expensive for the foreigners, you should ask your operator about the cost of the calls and internet access.















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"Por mucho que os pueda explicar y decir es difícil transmitir los sentimientos en dicha experiencia. Sólo hay un peligro, que engancha y te crea adicción!!!"


"Mi última experiencia con Pirenaica de mar a mar 2019 fue una maravilla. Recorrido espectacular y organización impecable. Espero los nuevos recorridos!! ojalá que en 2021 podamos rodar juntos de nuevo."


"Pedaleo en carretera desde los 7 años. He vivido miles de experiencias pero como las de Pirenaica ninguna; compañerismo, deseo de cada vez mas… es algo que crea adicción!!"


"Por suerte he podido ir a Mallorca, Pirineos, Dolomitas, Alpes; he hecho Irati Xrem, Larra Larrau y he repetido todos ellos. Tengo recuerdos preciosos de los puertos, de rincones espectaculares, de la organización, de los momentos con los participantes antes, durante y después de las rutas.... Ahora mi ilusión es poder volver a ir con ellos a cualquiera de sus planes."


"Por más de diez años he tenido el privilegio de acompañar a los "Pirenaicos" en Mallorca, Pirineos y Dolomitas, y tan pronto pueda espero apuntarme a todos los demás destinos que ofrecen. Hasta hoy no he encontrado un mejor lugar para pasar el verano, conocer nuevos recorridos y amigos con el apoyo de una excelente organización que ante todo busca nuestra seguridad y nuestra diversión."

Boston, USA

"Pirenaica, la mejor experiencia que un ciclista puede experimentar en su vida, es la oportunidad de recorrer el camino de los más grandes de la historia, sin preocuparse más que por pedalear."

Bogotá, Colombia

"No puedo recomendar lo suficiente a Pirenaica. Desde que conocí estas experiencias semanales me he dado cuenta de cuánto conocen y dominan las rutas y las necesidades de los ciclistas. Uno se encuentra muy a gusto rodeado de gente que disfruta del ciclismo, y tan bien atendidos. Se disfruta en la ruta, y fuera de ella. En 3 años realicé 8 experiencias semanales con Pirenaica, y eso dice bastante."

Santiago de Chile

"Hace que los conozco 4 año. Un amigo me lo aconsejo y mientras la salud me lo permita permaneceré pedaleando junto a esta gran familia."


"Hablar de Pirenaica es decir cicloturismo, paisaje, deporte, montañas, desniveles, vacaciones, risas y reencuentros. El lugar donde llegué hace unos años y al que vuelvo siempre. Allí he hecho amigos, buenos amigos y grandes amigos."


"Llega Diciembre y todos esperamos la paga extra, la lotería, la navidad, las comilonas y …el destino de nuestra Próxima PIRENAICA!! porque también se ha convertido en nuestro Clásico"

Palma, Mallorca

"Desde la primera vez que fui a Pirineos con Pirenaica hace más de 10 años, me pareció maravillosa la experiencia, y desde entonces he repetido todos los años."


"Para mi Pirenaica representa una fantástica opción de volar de las Américas a Europa para desconectar del estrés de la vida diaria. Cada puerto me ofrece una oportunidad de admirar la belleza de nuestro planeta, reducir la velocidad con la que vivo cada día y respirar ese aire de montaña que me permite sentirme más vivo que nunca. "

Boston USA

"Estado Civil: Pirenaico"


"Cuando seas un "Pirenaico" será difícil faltar algún año."


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