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8 days / 7 nigth / 6 stages
Group 1 (12-19 April)
Group 2 (19-26 April)
1225 1150 €



From 01/10/2019 to 31/01/2020: 1075 €
From 01/02/2020 to 10/03/2020: 1150 €
From 11/03/2020 to 11/04/2020: 1225 €



Del 01/10/2019 al 01/04/2020: 1225 €


During the registration process you will have to choose the payment mode



Discounts are only applied in ONE PAYMENT mode.

You'll receive an email with our bank acount number, the payment must be done in the next 48 hours.

You'll be automaticly redirected to our online payment sistem. The price will be automaticly increased a 0,4% because of the bank fees.



Pay your Cycling Xperience in instalment payment, to calculate the instalment, divide the total price by the number of months left to the event.
No fees (no interest, no commissions).
As simple as dividing the total price by the instalment number.

The last instalment must be paid before 1/4/2020.

¿How does it work?
1. During the registration process, select “Instalment Payment”.
2. Select the number of instalments you want (we’ll offer you automatically the maximum).
3. For example, if you register on November 13 2019 for an event that must be paid before june 1st, we’ll offer you up to 7 instalments (the first one in November after registering and the last one in May).
4. As soon as your registration is done, we’ll contact you to get your Credit Card number (VISA or Master Card).
5. Every month’s13 (following the example), we’ll charge your credit card the instalment. *
6. Only when the last instalment has been paid the inscription will be CONFIRMED. Last payment will have to be done before the date limit.

*By selecting “Instalment Payment” you authorize PIRENAICA to charge your credit card every month with the defined amount until the total payment is done.

¿What happens if any of the instalments isn’t paid?
1. If any of the payments is not done in the indicated dates, we’ll contact you to solve the problem ASAP. The inscription will be momentarily SUSPENDED until the payment is done.
2. In case the problem with the payment continues, the inscription WILL BE CANCELLED AND NO REFUND WILL BE DONE.
3. In any case, the total amount must be paid before the limit date.

¿What happens if I cancel my registering?
In case of cancellation, the conditions defined in the “Cancellation” section will apply, taking in count the paid amount.



Financing is only available for Spanish residents with Laboral Kutxa office in their community.



We offer you the chance to participate in our events financing with Laboral Kutxa and up to 12 months, no interest, no comissions, no fees.

Price of the inscription: 1225€

Payment in 12 months: 12 instalment of 102,08€
Payment in 11 months: 11 instalment of 111,36€
Payment in 10 months: 10 instalment of 122,50€
Payment in 9 months: 9 instalment of 136,11€
Payment in 8 months: 8 instalment of 153,13€
Payment in 7 months: 7 instalment of 175,00€
Payment in 6 months: 6 instalment of 204,17€
Payment in 5 months: 5 instalment of 245,00€
Payment in 4 months: 11 instalment of 306,25€
Payment in 3 months: 3 instalment of 408,33€

With the financed payment there's no discount on the event price.
You can include the extra services in the financed amount.
¿How does it work?

We’ll contact you to get some information about you and Laboral Kutxa will tell us if the financing is allowed. If it’s accepted, we’ll send you the documents to sign and return them back to us (the courier is free)
From this point, you’ll have to pay Laboral Kutxa the accorded instalments. The inscription will be CONFIRMED as soon as Laboral Kutxa gives us the OK.

What information do we need about you?
  • ID
  • Name and surname
  • Postal address
  • Telephone number
  • Employment information
  • Properties information
  • Bank account number
What will you have to send us?

Signed contract
ID copy
Last payslip or income statement
Others (we’ll ask you if needed)


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