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8 days / 7 nigth / 6 stages
Group 1 (12-19 April)
Group 2 (19-26 April)
1225 1150 €



From 01/10/2019 to 31/01/2020: 1075 €
From 01/02/2020 to 10/03/2020: 1150 €
From 11/03/2020 to 11/04/2020: 1225 €



Del 01/10/2019 al 01/04/2020: 1225 €



  • The inscription is personal and untransferable.
  • Mallorca Cycling Xperience is a NON COMPETITIVE cycling route. There are neither timings, nor classifications. COME TO ENJOY AND MAKE FRIENDS. WE WON’T COMPETE. THIS IS NOT A RACE. IT’S A BYCICLE TRIP.
  • You must be 18 to take part in Mallorca Cycling Xperience.
  • We’ll be going through tunnels, so the bike we’ll have to be front and rear light equipped.
  • The paying must be done in the indicated dates.
  • The participant is obliged to give up all image copyrights for the pictures or videos taken in the event to the Organization, so they can be used for commercial purposes, to be shown in social networks, or any other needs the organization may find.
  • Every participant MUST:
    • Respect every other road user, circulate safely and do not create danger situations. Always behave with respect, education and responsibility
    • Enjoy the nature, taking care of it with respect. Practice sports keeping the environment safe.
    • Keep the roads clean and preserve them. Keep the environment clean. Never throw any litter.

Group Change: If you want to change your Group, you’ll have to do it from the “My Account” section of our website. The change will be done if there are available places in the other group. The group change has no cost.

The payment must be done in the indicated dates.

The organization has the right to change the course or cancel partially or totally a stage in case of major problems.

The organization has the right to cancel a Group if a minimum amount of 25 participants isn’t reached a month before the start of the event. In this case, a full refund or a group change wil be offered, if there were places available.

The inscription to our event means you accept these terms and conditions and your renounce to any further action against the organization.


  • The participants MUST respect the road safety laws, and they’ll be responsible for any infraction they may do.
  • The organization is not responsible of any accident that may be caused by or to the participants. Everyone must have a a personal Assistance and civil liability Insurance, as the organization is not responsible of any loss or damage of the participants equipment. It’s each one’s responsibility.
  • Each one is responsible for its health (take care about the sun, stings, glasses, grazes…)
  • Each one must take care of his own bicycle.
  • A Personal Assistance and civil liability Insurance is OBLIGATORY. If your are affiliated (UCI) it’s included in the insurance. If you aren’t, we can offer you insurance.



Changes will be allowed until april 1st.

-Group change

  • Subject to availability. Free of charge.

-Event change

  • Subject to availability. You'll have to pay the difference between what you already paid and the price of the other event at the moment  the change is made.

- Participant change (you transfer your place to someone else)

  • Cost is 75€. You get a refund of the amount you paid except 75€ and the new participant will have to pay the price of the selected event at the moment the change is made.

- Edition change (you change your inscription for 2021)

  • If change is done before january 14th, you'll be charged 100€.
  • If change is done before february 13th, you'll be charged 175€.
  • If change is done before march 15th , you'll be charged 250€.
  • If change is done before april 1st, you'll be charged 500€.
  • After april 1st NO change will be allowed.



  • If you cancel before January 13rs, you'll get a refund of the 50% of the paid amount.
  • If you cancel before February 12nd, you'll get a refund of the 25% of the paid amount.
  • After February 1snd NO refund will be made.


  • Passport / ID
  • In case you’re affiliated (UCI), the ID.
  • European Health Insurance Card (EU citizens)
  • Assistance and civil liability Insurance (Orly those who are not affiliated)


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